A Study of the Life of

Edward William Treadaway Hoare

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Table of Contents
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Edward William Treadaway Hoare
EWTH Time-Line
Summary Records of EWTH's Masonic Career
Alexander Hoare
Alice Jane Day Hoare
Colin Guy Treadaway Hoare ("Trig")
Edward William Treadaway Hoare jr, and Edmund Joseph Downer Hoare
John Hoare

Sidney Herbert West

Family Histories (Family Trees and Background Information)

Illustrations:   Pictures of People, Residences, and Memorabilia

Mentions of EWTH in the Press;  Pullmans Weekly News Report on Lawsuit

EWTH's Masonic Career

Hoare Bros Brewery Notes

Genealogical Data

Mysteries, Speculations as to Their Solutions, and Resources for Further Investigation

Participants in This Study