Shooting Glasses and

Safety Reading Glasses


Full lens - not bifocal.

ShootingSight is pleased to offer two styles of ANSI Z87+ Safety Glasses for the shooter:

Shooting Glasses are Z87+ (high impact rated) polycarbonate glasses with corrective insert frames that come in  +0.50 diopter and +0.75 diopter. Assuming you have good distance vision, these are the two powers that will adjust your focus to the hyperfocal distance of your front sight, so you can see the sight, without giving up seeing the target.

  • +0.75 diopters is for short sight radius rifles, like the AR or the M-1 Carbine, or for pistol shooters. 
  • +0.50 diopters is for longer sight radius rifles, like the M-1 / M-1A, or match rifles.

-  Glasses are the 'boxy' style to allow improved air circulation to reduce fogging.  
-  Ear pieces are adjustable for tilt to assure optium fit.

-  Lens inserts are opthalmic quality PC lenses with AR coating.
-  Insert frames are selected to give maximum vision close to inside edge, to avoid obstruction in prone position.
-  PD on lenses is reduced to put the optical center between where you need it for offhand, and prone.

Cost is $35, delivered.

Safety Reading Glasses are perfect for around the shop or loading bench. These have a single full correction lens, similar to drugstore reading glasses, but they are ANSI Z87+ high impact rated.  Lots of people sell bifocal safety glasses, but who wants to have to tip their head back to see up-close when you are working around machinery?  These are the only source I have found for full correction lenses, short of spending $ 150 for custom glasses.

Available in powers from +1.25 diopters to +3.00 diopters.  These powers are likely too strong for shooting, unless you are far sighted.

Since diopters are a measure of focal distance, here is a chart indicating the optimal focal distance for each power.

Cost is $25, delivered

Shooting Glasses Safety Reading Glasses
Shooting Glasses Safety Reading Glasses