Phoenix Reunion - March 2003
Second Draft of Website

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image/_busload_1.jpg, 7K
BusLoad 1
image/_busload_2.jpg, 6.4K
BusLoad 2
image/_busload_3.jpg, 7.6K
BusLoad 3
image/_capitol_gang.jpg, 8.9K
Capitol Gang
image/_boolean_lunch-eon.jpg, 5.3K
Boolean Lunch-eon
image/_the_gentle_mme_long.jpg, 6K
The Gentle Mme Tieli
image/_talkin_over_old_times.jpg, 6.8K
Talkin' Over Old Times
image/_stylish_ladies.jpg, 6.4K
What Stylish Ladies!
image/_your_unkempt_photographer.jpg, 5.3K
Your Unkempt Photographer
image/_enjoying_the_john_henry.jpg, 4.1K
Enjoying The John Henry
image/_is_it_really_my_birthday.jpg, 4.1K
Is It Really My Birthday?
image/_am_i_gonna_get_a_birthday.jpg, 5.8K
Am I Gonna Get a Birthday Hug?
image/_birthday_hug.jpg, 5.5K
YES!   A Happy Birthday Hug!
image/_bless_yalls_sweet_bones.jpg, 4.1K
Bless Y'all's Sweet Bones
image/_ok_-_heres_the_way_it_is.jpg, 4.9K
OK - Here's The Way It Is
image/, 4.7K
WOW! - Did Ya See That MENU?
image/_life_is_good.jpg, 4.5K
Life Is Good!
image/_the_vivacious_mme_wood.jpg, 3.5K
The Vivacious Mme Bette
image/_lively_conversation.jpg, 6.2K
Lively Conversation
image/, 5K
What A Funny Bunch of Guys
image/_yall_dont_say.jpg, 5.1K
Y'all Dont Say!
image/_...._so_then_we_made_an_e.jpg, 5.6K
.... So Then We Made an End Run
image/_one_happy_fella.jpg, 4.6K
A Feted Fella
image/_the_hennekes.jpg, 5K
The Happy Hennekes
image/_the_best_of_times_is_now.jpg, 4K
The Best of Times is Now
image/_warm_ambience,_cold_beer.jpg, 5.4K
Warm Ambience, Cold Beer
image/_warm_ambience,_cool_wine.jpg, 6.3K
Warm Ambience, Cool Wine
image/_reunees_at_wrigley.jpg, 6.2K
Reunees at Wrigley
image/_lord_bradshaw.jpg, 6K
Lord Bradshaw
image/_well,_on_further_consider.jpg, 6.8K
Well,... On Further Consideration...
image/_and_so_my_dear_friends,_w.jpg, 5.1K
And So My Dear Friends, 
When Elected...
image/_you_may_be_wondering_why_.jpg, 5.9K
You May Be Wondering Why I 
Called You All Here Together ...
image/_bless_all_your_lil_ol_hea.jpg, 5.6K
Bless All Your Lil Ol Hearts
image/_proper_victorian_portrait.jpg, 8.4K
A Proper Victorian Portrait
image/_i_worked_all_my_life_for_.jpg, 7.7K
I Worked All My Life For This
image/_jpbs_in_sedona.jpg, 8.8K
The JPBs in Sedona
image/_golden_sunset.jpg, 6.1K
Bathed in a Golden Sunset
image/, 5.4K
Southeast Visits Southwest
image/_hug-a-bug.jpg, 6.3K
Bill Rice Pix