Paul's Seventy Third

On August sixth, "The Group" met at Paul and Christa's to celebrate Paul's birthday.  Guest of honor:  their son Robert, who made a surprise appearance from London for the event.  What a very nice present!  And what a delightful event it was, all around.  Here are some photos.

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image/_ray,_luce,_robert,_paul,_.jpg, 10.7K
Ray, Luce, Robert, Paul, & Dick
image/_lois,_don_and_lodi.jpg, 9.1K
Lois, Don and Lodi
image/_germaine,_hedi,__&_paul.jpg, 9.5K
Germaine, Hedi, & Paul
image/_robert_&_pete.jpg, 11.4K
Robert & Pete;  "Plastics!"
image/_pete_&_ray.jpg, 10.1K
Pete & Ray;  "I told him Plastics"
image/_robert_&_dick.jpg, 10.9K
Robert & Dick;  "Waddya suppose he meant, 'Plastics?'"
image/_ron,_babs_&_luce.jpg, 12.2K
Ron, Babs & Luce
image/_christa,_robert,_paul.jpg, 11.5K
Christa, Robert, Paul:  Long-suffering Birthday Boy
image/_christa_&_paul.jpg, 12.3K
Christa & Paul, Celebrants
image/_paul_reading_cards.jpg, 9.5K
Paul Reading His B'Day Cards
image/_lodi_&_robert;__bar-b-q-i.jpg, 15.4K
Lodi & Robert; Bar-B-Q-ing
image/_lodi,_don_&_ray.jpg, 11.7K
Lodi, Don & Ray
image/_mathilda_&_don.jpg, 10.2K
Matilde & Don
image/_table_group;__di_ls_ld_ro.jpg, 13.4K
Table Group:  Dick,, Pete, Lois, Lodi,, & Ray
image/_table_group;__ry_lc_ba_cr.jpg, 12.7K
Table Group;  Ray, Luce, Babs, Christa, Paul, & Matilde
image/_table_group;__ry_lc_ba_pl.jpg, 12.1K
Table Group:  Ray, Luce, Babs, Paul, Matilde
image/_tables,_both.jpg, 13.6K
Both Tables:  Everybody