An Evening With Omar

For those who have been taken by Ishraq's dancing, you're, well....  in good company.

Richard and Ishraq have a vacation house in El Gouna, an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea.    (If you'd like to have a look at it, click here).  

They rent the second floor to Tarek Sharif, with whom they've become friends.  The two families went for a weekend together in Deauville, where Tarek's father Omar came up from Paris to join them.   Omar took them to dinner at a restaurant that featured belly-dancing, audience participation encouraged.   Ishraq was persuaded to dance (of course).   Omar - an aficionado of the art - declared her to be in grace and skill second only the top star of Egypt.   It is of course my opinion that he wasn't exaggerating a bit!

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Omar, Ishy & Richard.jpg
Ishy And Richard.jpg
Ishy Dances for Omar 2.jpg

Omar and Ishy

Omar, Ishy and Richard

Ishy and Richard

Ishy Dances for Omar

Ishy Dances For Omar.jpg
IshyDanceWith Dancer.jpg
Omar Dancing.jpg
Omar And Son Tarek.jpg

Ishy Dances For Omar

Ishy Dances with the Dancer

Omar Dances with the Dancer

Omar and his Son Tarek, at the Track