Arthur Turns 40!

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When Arthur and his closest friend Steve had their 40th birthdays within a few weeks of one another in November 2000, Steve's wife Shauna threw them a gala party in Cincinnati. 
Party in Chantilly

There then followed a second celebration, this one for Arthur's European family and friends, in Chantilly, near Paris, hosted by Arthur's sister Sue and her husband Jan Willem.

Sue and Jan Willem's son Willem, Arthur's nephew, turned four on the same day that Arthur turned 40 (Thanksgiving Day).   So..... another party!


Willem's Fourth Birthday Party

Pokin' Around in Paris
As the celebrants arrived in Paris, gathering them from airport and train station was combined with excursions into the city,  excursions which forcefully brought to mind the line:  "..... I love Paris ..... when it drizzles".   Which it did.   A lot.

The week culminated in a festive dinner at the Château de la Tour in Chantilly.   Attendees  came from the US, Belgium, England, France, Germany and Italy (the champagne was from Reims, and a pleasant day it was indeed, driving down and get it).

Chantilly Banquet Guests